wellness experiences

Deep Well & Co can provide design advice and knowledge on the following wellness experiences & facilities to compliment thermal bathing:


Generally a simple timber cabin with a heat source radiating warmth from the wood-clad walls via heated stones, warmed by electricity and normally operating between 70° C and 105° C.

Steam rooms

Often called a caldarium or sudatorium from its Roman bath equivalent, a steam bath (or steam room) is typically a tiled or stone room reaching temperatures of between 42° C and 48° C with 100% humidity provided by hot steam.

Salt rooms

Salt rooms have steadily grown in popularity— however, it should be noted that though a “salt wall” is aesthetically pleasing and salt on the floor has a welcoming feel neither of these uses of salt provide any real benefits.

Plunge pools

Hot & cold-water pools realise surge of blood, caused by contracting blood vessels, for a particularly invigorating experience.

Snow rooms

There can be nothing more exhilarating than stepping from a traditional sauna into a landscape covered with a fresh fall of real snow with which to cool the body. Operating at -10° C to 0° C, these rooms are becoming features in some modern spas.

Ice Cave
Ice caves and frozen chambers also offer an alternate to a Snow room and operate between 0 and -15 degrees.

Hot & Cold Plunge Pools at Next Gen Health Club Auckland

Sauna at Peninsula Hot Springs

Ice Cave at Peninsula Hot Springs